Partnership Working

slide2We specialise in developing partnership working which delivers real outputs for the common good. We have developed large and complex partnerships both within and across organisations and organisational cultures.

Principles of Partnership Working

We have developed a set of working principles for partnership working:

  • Explicitly acknowledge that the partners are autonomous.
  • In an effective partnership there must, at some stage, be a perceived benefit to a partner.
  • Partners may not want to be part of some aspect of the partnership work. This will be acceptable if they explicitly make this clear in advance.
  • Partners may at the same time be in competition and working collaboratively BUT this is only effective if there is honesty as to where the boundaries of competition and mutual self-interest fall
  • Those working in partnership may not always receive immediate direct benefit from work that is for the common good.
  • Large organisations need to be humble and small organisations realistic.

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Practical Application of Partnership Working

C21Fox programme managed the development of a collaborative network across six London Boroughs between the NHS, Social Care, Universities and other partners from feasibility study to launch.

  • Engaged senior managers.
  • Obtained external funding.
  • Ran workshops for very senior management to gauge support.
  • Ran workshops to develop a three year strategy.
  • Developed a governance and membership model.
  • Appointed full time permanent Director.
  • Launched the network including developing a prospectus.