Human Resources and Organisational Development


A full understanding of the law, a pragmatic solutions driven attitude and high quality development skills enables organisations and individuals to realise their potential even in difficult circumstances.

Through using negotiations skills, mediation skills and sometimes just frank talking we have enabled organisations and groups of people to move from conflict to working together and to find Win-Win pragmatic solutions that everyone can live with. This can be based on real problems or using management development to get groups of senior people to look at their behaviours and to change.

Principles of Effective Working with Organisational Dissonance

We believe that there is good in everyone and most situations are not about conspiracy.  People can be enabled to work together and intractable problems can be usually resolved by looking at them in different ways.

C21Fox Limited Management style is based on the old adage that the most effective way of working is:

  • To lead, not to blame
  • To work together, not to undermine each other
  • To look for answers, not to give excuses