Health and Social Care Education and Training Policy and Delivery


We have expertise in depth in the development of policy, management, commissioning, contracting and delivery of all levels of health and social care education and training.

Main areas of expertise in Health and Social Care Education and Training

Within the C21Fox core team of consultants we extensive expertise in many relevant areas such as:

Commissioning, contracting and tendering for health professions education contracts  

Including undergraduate and post registration medicine, dentistry (and the dental workforce), nursing and midwifery, allied health professions, social work, new sub professional roles such as assistant or associate practitioner and specialised support workers.

“Sarah Fox is a most accomplished strategist and problem solver and has applied a range of complex analytical skills to assist the University to achieve positive outcomes in a range of competitor bids. She is a productive ‘mover and shaker’ who exerts key skills on influence and change management most effectively.”
Professor David Sines, now Pro Vice Chancellor New Bucks University

Developing new roles

We have developed new roles including relevant National Occupational Standards and linked education.  For example we have developed two roles: Medical Associate Practitioner and Nursing Associate Practitioner.

Developing new courses and reviewing current courses

We have developed numerous new courses and monitored and evaluated their success. This leads on to revisions of the courses creating a circle of quality improvement.  

Managing the Quality of Education and Training

We have been at the leading edge of the development of monitoring the quality of professional education in health and social care professions. We have delivered local National and UK wide projects. Been part of National steering groups and delivered risk based quality assurance processes.

Managing University Health Faculties

We have expertise in the management of University Health Faculties including research and education in medicine, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, allied health professions health care scientists and social work.

Managing NHS Education in Trusts

We have expertise in the management of education in NHS Trusts including management development, medicine (including junior doctors, consultant development and developing GPs), dentistry, nursing, midwifery, allied health professions, health care scientists and sub professional roles including NVQs.

Developing National Policy in Healthcare Education

We have been members of National policy groups and developed National policy in Healthcare education.