Sarah Fox

Porttraight prof apl 14

Very experienced manager of education  and general manager in both the private and public sectors with a wide range of high level practical skills across the development, delivery and management of education, training and coaching, general management, programme and project management, human resources, commissioning, contract and financial management.  Board level experience for over ten years in the public sector. Director in the NHS with £187m budget. Senior civil servant developing and implementing policy with £110m budget. Director/company secretary equivalent managing a very large university faculty  staff.  Branch manager of a high street bank with business lending experience and run successful own small business.  Passionate about coaching staff and colleagues for performance to enable others to gain these skills.

Summary of Skills

Developing, delivering and managing education, training and coaching

I have developed, delivered and managed education and training and undertaking coaching for performance since 1989 when I delivered and commissioned others to deliver management training for Midland Montagu the Merchant Bank of Midland and latterly HSBC Bank. At Barts NHS Shadow Trust I ran the management training and organisational development for all clinical and non-clinical staff. I was a tutor on the Open University Management Programme for Health Professionals. At the NHS Training Directorate I developed projects based on national initiatives in the Health Service (latterly from the Finance Division of the NHS Executive) and was a member of a small team which undertook external management consultancy with NHS Trusts.  I managed a faculty in a University and commissioned the education of health professionals across South East London. I am passionate about coaching staff, colleagues and others for performance to enable others to gain management skills and learning.

For example I coached a senior manager in Midland manager, who was a witness in a court case in the US, in presentation skills. The coaching was successful and in the view of the senior manager changed the way the jury judged the case and saved $64m.

Programme and Project Management

Project managed and programme managed many large complex projects and small projects including for example the creation and implementation of a cost effective, clinically driven, new sub-professional role and the appropriate Foundation Degree education to support junior doctors to deliver service after the introduction of European Working Time Directive which improved patient experience and reduced errors. A two year project from inception to delivery involving multiple stakeholders, complex risks and tight budgets.  Supported the successful bid for specific funding to support the project in HE from other public sector agencies obtaining £110,000 funding (second highest funding in the UK).

As Chief executive of C21Fox Limited I have successfully project managed a variety of sizes of consultancy projects for a series of clients including UK wide and multi-site projects and small single site projects for charities. Clients include Nursing and Midwifery Council, St George’s University of London, University of Greenwich, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, Barts and the London NHS Healthcare Trust and London Deanery.

Understanding finance and maximising income

Considerable experience of obtaining and managing finance in both the public and private sectors. I understand lending and borrowing in small and medium sized business. This was gained by being a lending bank manager lending to small business and companies when lending decisions made by managers not a computers and being part of a head office “intensive care” team working with companies which had serious financial difficulties to move them back into profitability prior to a companies act creating the role of “quasi Director” which precluded banks having direct involvement in company turnaround. Completed the Chartered Bankers exams which included book keeping, analysing and reading accounts.  Managed a small profitable company including bank lending, undertaking costing’s for projects, ensuring sufficient cash flow on projects to pay staff and associates on time and managing VAT.

Successfully managed a variety of budgets from £187 million to very small projects of say £10k in both the public and private sector. Understand the implications of cash flow on solvency in the private sector and “bringing budgets in on the nose” in public sector budgeting and have managed budgets of all sizes accordingly.

In the public sector success of organisations and projects is often based on maximising the income available as well as ensuring that any funds are fully utilised. I have prided myself on maximising the income available. For example I introduced and developed a financial funding formula enabling a University school to identify its income sources and track expenditure streams. Improved information returns to HEFCE thereby increasing by 8% the income stream of £29m.  I identified, submitted a bid and obtained £100,000 funding from central NHS resources to enable a project to be completed by a client.

Managing People

Successfully managed a variety of sizes and types of teams including a 45 hand high street branch in a high street bank, overall management accountability for 1800 staff in a University and a small team of professional staff in the NHS. Managed performance including target/objective setting, undertaking disciplinary processes both successfully improving staff’s work to a good standard and to successful exits which avoided unnecessary industrial tribunals.

For example worked successfully with the management and staff in a recognised dysfunctional unit in an NHS Trust to enable them to create a stratergy to transform ways of working which improved productivity and client satisfaction but reduced waiting lists.

In an interim management role with a struggling University planning department I identified, coached, trained and handed over to an internally promoted candidate as Head of Planning whilst enabling the University to come off the government agency’s risk register.

Commissioning and Contract Management

I have extensive experience of commissioning and contracting both letting and supplying contracts. For example I commissioned and managed £64 million nursing and midwifery contracts which included negotiating new contracts, monitoring compliance and ensuring value for money.

I have let contracts including drafting specifications, running the tender processes for twenty years. This has involved all sizes of contract and supplier including those covered by EU regulations. I have monitored contracts including taking remedial action ensuring contracts were delivered on time and to budget. I have also successfully bid for tenders both those covered by EU regulations and smaller contracts and delivered on time and to budget.

Setting and Managing Business Targets and Strategy

Member of the Executive Management Team of the SE London Workforce Development Confederation an organisation with 49 staff and a turnover of £206m.  Member of the Confederation Board developing and delivering a business plan which had National recognition as excellent.  Contributing to the development of the Confederation’s strategic direction and subsequent annual Business Plans and to all major development, investment and performance management decisions. Developed policy and strategy to meet the workforce educational requirements in South East London. Developed and presented policy both at Board and throughout the NHS, Higher and Further Education to gain acceptance and enable implementation.  In the NHS I managed small team of professional staff with the lowest management costs of any of the 28 similar organisations in England achieving not only stringent Nationally set targets for value for money, quality and local customer satisfaction but also the organisation was nationally recognised for innovation.

Managed Barts and The London, Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. This was the largest School of the College with approximately 55% of the turnover, substantial autonomy and its own Board. I was responsible for Strategic planning of the School. As accounting officer representing the School in legal negotiations. As a member of Queen Mary’s Senior Administrative Management Team undertaking negotiations with Unions. Financial control of £58 million turnover. Regulatory and Quality Management. Management of the School estate.

Quality and Financial Control

High Street Banking has tight QA systems to ensure value for money and security.  Key involvement in National policy on Health Education Quality Assurance Mechnisims through looking at models of quality assurance accross Health, Universities and Finance to try to ensure that quality assurance is a process to ensure “the best” is delivered and quality control is not an industry which does not add value. Undertook a major review of the NMC UK-Wide Quality Assurance system of nursing and midwifery education provision.

As a Director of Education at the SE London NHS Workforce Development Confederation I had a budget of some £187m of public sector money. Due to the size of this budget this was not only regularly audited by internal and external auditors but was also subject to audits at short notice including two from National Audit Office looking for value for money and potential contract mismanagement. We always had clean unclaused audits and no contract mismanagement was identified.

Working Across Organisations and Organisational Cultures

A particular area of strength and interest is working across both organisations and professional boundaries finding common language and ways forward. For example a major project was developing, with at steering group of Chief Executives or equivalent of four of the eighteen organisations, the SW London Academic Health and Social Care Network. This networked covered Health, Social Care and Universities. Set the organisation up from scratch including market testing and developing a costed financially secure funding methodology. This network organisation still exists four years later and member organisations have seen sufficient value that they have continued to fund the organisation despite changes in organisation structures and senior management and has developed research and education which has been implemented and changed health and social care practice for example in the delivery of  dementia services in home care.

Developed collaboration across three Universities to deliver integrated nursing and midwifery education in a complimentary way which recognised that Universities are competitive. Educational qualifications could be moved from one institution to another without additional costs to the NHS or staff. The accreditation of courses as was agreed between the Universities prior to delivery enabling qualifications to be made up from courses from two or three Universities. This increased the available educational opportunities to nurses and midwives by about 10% on a budget of £68 million without increasing the costs to the NHS.

Policy Development and Delivery

Been directly involved in developing policy both local and National and implementing strategy since being seconded to the Department for Education and Science in the 1980s. For example in the Department of Health I developed policy and an implementation strategy to create a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Faculty. Through working with a National Advisory Committee of stakeholders developed strategic and operational plans to create the Faculty. Delivered all policy objectives on time and within £118 million budget. A key objective of the NIHR Faculty was to increase the prestige of applied health research. Developed a hierarchical structure for the Faculty which recognises the competitive nature of academics who undertake research with the pinnacle being an NIHR College of Senior Investigator. The first competition to become a NIHR senior Investigator attracted 300 high calibre internationally competitive applications for the 120 appointments.

As Director in the SE London NHS Workforce Development Confederation I developed a clear agreed policy for the development and implementation of Foundation Degrees for the NHS in South East London which became the basis of the National policy.

Summary of Roles

C21Fox Limited Managing Director and Lead Consultant   01/02/2008-date

Managed and delivered many consultancy projects for a series of clients including:

  • St George’s University of London (Post Graduate Education)
  • South London HEIC (Practice Nursing)
  • Kids in Museums (Project Management)
  • St George’s University of London, Wandsworth Teaching Primary Care Trust, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (Academic Health and Social Care Network)
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (Review UK-wide QA Framework)
  • Department of Health (Modernising Scientific Careers)
  • University of West London (Commisioning)
  • The Society of Friends (Quakers) (Organisational Development)
  • University of Greenwich (Strategy Development),
  • St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust (GMC revalidation, MDECs bid)
  • Children First Lewisham ( Space utilization)
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Medical Education)
  • Barts and the London NHS Healthcare Trust (Medical Education)
  • SW London NHS Trusts (Developing Assistant Practitioner Role in Nursing)

Skills for Health seconded to R& D Directorate Department of Health

Head of Research and Development Workforce        01/06/2006-16/03/2008

Responsibility for developing and delivering policies, systems and programmes to support the research workforce. Member of the Senior Management Team of the R&D Directorate. £110m budget.

SE London NHS Workforce Development Confederation:

Director of Education                                                                 01/04/2002-01/06/2006

Responsible for commissioning and managing the education of the whole health and social care workforce in South East London and commissioning relevant qualitative and quantitative research. Member of the Board. Managed a multi-professional team of seven senior managers and a budget in excess of £185 million.

C21Fox Associates                                                                28/02/2001-1/04/2002

Management consultancy for clients including University of Lincoln, HEFCE, Strategic Health Authority and Council of Heads of University Medical Schools.

Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry:

Secretary                                                                              10/02/97–28/02/2001

Responsible for the Management and Strategic planning of  the faculty of 1,800 staff and a direct team of ten. Accounting officer with financial control of £58 million turnover and responsibility for regulatory and quality management. Member of Faculty Senior Management Team and University Administrative Senior Management Team.

Higher Education Funding Council for England:

Secretary Joint Medical Advisory Committee              1/1/1996-9/2/1997

Developed policy around the health agenda (mainly but not exclusively HEFCE funded education – ie medicine, dentistry and some nursing) in Higher Education both in teaching and research. Acted as secretariat to the UK wide policy committee for health higher education and health RAE panels. Liaised with the Department of Health. 

NHS Training Directorate: Management Consultant 1/9/1992-31/12/1995

Developed training to implement National policy initiatives for NHS Executive including managing large National projects.

Barts NHS Trust:

Management Training and Development Manager        1/2/1991–31/8/1992

Managed, developed and evaluated all non clinical training in Trust.

Midland Bank plc/HSBC plc: Graduate Entrant-Manager 1/9/1980-31/1/1991

Roles including lending (including corporate “intensive care”), managing high street branch,  secondment to University Grants Committee ( 1.9.87- 30.9.89) and management development and training in Merchant and International Bank.